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Nadia Kilrick's new book, the first book in The Rough Hewn Trilogy, The People of Kilmservy Village is on

Since today is the day I am so excited to announce the arrival of Nadia Kilrick’s new book, the first book in The Rough Hewn Trilogy called The People of Kilmservy Village.

About Rough Hewn Trilogy

The shortest of the three books, book one will introduce the ancestors of the characters in the story. In this book, we meet the families who settled the village and learn why there has always been bad blood between the Stuttshire and Breckenship families. Here is where we also learn about connections between the families and the hardships they faced, as well as, the enduring friendships they made while carving the village out of the wild. 

My Review:

This story is written in a way that gently takes you in and carries you to a different time and place. The author has a natural talent that makes you as a reader feel comfortable and tells a story so full of life and vivid color. 

Rough Hewn caught my interest from the very first pages. The more I read the more I wanted to know what was going to happen next. This tale has heart and the turn of events were enough to peak my curiosity and at the same time made me wonder where this story was going to lead.

“Oliver grabbed his wife around the waist, held her high and swung her around in a circle. When he lowered her to the ground, he kissed her softly on the cheek. "I haven’t decided what I think of him yet. He strikes me as a man who is running from something. I could be wrong; maybe he’s running from himself. I can tell you this; I see a family that needs a new life. This could be the thing that sets him right, if that’s what he needs. I saw the weariness in his wife's face even though she tried to hide it from us. Let’s pray they choose to go. That, my dear wife, is all I have to say about the subject tonight." 

Book 2 - Discoveries and Escape

This is the story of Carolyn Dunsmorrest Breckenship or, as we will come to know her, Carrie. In this, the second book in the trilogy, Carrie discovers the man she married, Jim Breckenship, is not only cruel to her, he is a serial killer. He sees her as a weak and stupid woman. She is not. She gathers evidence of his crimes, which date back to his childhood. 

Carrie suffers greatly at the hands of her husband but is determined to prove he is the killer she knows him to be. She finds the strength and courage she needs by remembering those close to her that Jim has harmed. Enter an old love from before her marriage to Jim, Gabriel Stuttshire, and the fireworks are ignited. 

Gabriel Stuttshire, we will know him as Gabe, has done well for himself since he left his hometown. He has everything he has ever wanted except Carrie. Coming home to his father's deathbed and finding Carrie in peril has stirred up old feelings in him. He becomes a rock for Carrie and the other friends he left behind.

Book 3 - Return to Kilmservy Village

After a brutal attack by her husband, Carrie finally escapes with the truth and little else but so does Jim. Jim continues to wreak havoc on the little village where they live making it evident to Carrie's friends that she has to leave town for her own safety. She has other secrets that she is not willing to share with her husband or friends. At least, until her husband is found and locked in the county jail. Then, she will help to put him in prison for life.

Carrie and her friends return to their hometown to assist in convicting Jim of his crimes. The residents of the close-knit village show little surprise at Jim's guilt. They are however shocked at the number of disappearances he has been involved with and that they have been living so near an evil deviant without realizing the sum of his malevolence.

Nadia’s other new release is Ziggy Returns available on

Minna Fuller finds herself in an odd predicament when her moonshine guzzling husband carelessly causes an accident that changes both their lives. Though relieved to have her life back, she would never have wished death on her husband. Being a man who always had to have the last word, Ziggy returns to their home to instruct her on how she should live the remainder of her life by offering a suggestion she finds far-reaching, even for him. Will Minna be able to rid her home of her husband’s ghost and finally get on with her life? Will she accept his blessing and set onto the path he envisions her taking or will she ignore him and the advice from her friends?

About Nadia

"Rather than go on about my daily life, I will simply share that the most rewarding roles I have had in my life are those of mother & grandmother.

Writing has always been an important part of me. When I was a child and teenager, I wrote poetry and short stories as a means of escape. I wrote as a young adult with dreams of publication which were unrealized.

I read true crime, mystery, suspense and thriller novels. Those are also the kind of stories I enjoy writing. I write about places & things that are special to me and about the people who have touched my life in some way. I do not always choose the happy moments over the sad ones in my writing because in my experience, there are many times when the lines are blurred between the two. I write what comes to me on the darkest of nights and the sunniest of days. I do this in fictional stories."

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  1. Excellent spotlight for a fantastic writer! Nadia has such a gift with words! Thanks for sharing this Brenda.