Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Master Koda Select Author G Mitchell Baker!!!!!

Today from Master Koda Select Publishing I want to share some great books from an outstanding author, G Mitchell Baker. His latest release, Lethal Believers: DVM has been getting quite the buzz on Amazon.com. 

“Lethal Believers” is series of novels by G. M. Baker. These paranormal mysteries pit Malachi Danta-Mercadel, a retired Interpol Investigator against Mantid Tranquil, a mystic and persistent organization bent on employing the most lethal paranormal and psychological revenge given Danta’s handiwork for exposing and compromising the illicit organization. “Lethal Believers: The Innocents” is the first in the Lethal Believers series. For Intense Metaphysical Visionary Paranormal with Mythic elements, look to Master Koda Select Publishing™ for “Lethal Believers: The Innocents”, the latest Amazon Best Selling novel by G. Mitchell Baker.

“Malachi Danta-Mercadel reluctantly collaborates with the myth Lamia, and her growing ensemble of ethereal devotees all motivated to protect The Innocents, of whom the strong willed Kagan Brancher, the daughter of a good father, is one. Kagan has earned Danta and Lamia’s respect as she sets out to protect what is left of her rodeo family, after ‘Random’, a world champion competitor, and later Pastor Odie succumb to the evil of DVM, leaving ‘Wary’. Will there be a successful intervention, or will Wary, The Innocent replacement be left to rear and do battle against DVM, and the distorted Mantid Tranquil?”

“Someone has been hurting children and Danta vows to find them. As the sinister Mantid Tranquil rises to protect its criminal maneuvering, Danta is empowered by those from other dimensions to honor his commitment and defend The Innocents.”

"Jon Emerson, no longer the arrogant legal professional and sovereign over meaningless relationships, finds himself on the streets of Seattle, eventually experiencing meaningful relationships with the likes of Bug Dog, Chilly, Lutza, Speedy G, Abra, and Dana. They all, in their own way remind, and sometimes teach Jon to remain involved in his Childrens’ lives, and to honor their need for their father, to remain involved."


Now living in the Deep South, G. Mitchell Baker also enjoys living out west, from the southwest United States to western Canada. Having practiced law for more than twenty years, Baker enjoys researching and writing projects that draw him into the many genres, to include contemporary fiction, science fiction, and paranormal, metaphysical, and visionary works of fiction.  In addition, a writer of feature length screenplays, Baker enjoys adapting his novels to screenplay and, adapting his screenplays to novels.

Baker has been fortunate to compete at the highest levels in sports to include baseball and karate.  This spirit leads to his also striving to compete at the highest levels to entertain his readership. Moreover, it is in this spirit Baker invites you to visit and re-visit his ‘Anything But a Tired Barn’ author website and, to become familiar with his current and ongoing projects.   
“Lethal Believers: Cave Ravens” is now with Master Koda Select Publishing and scheduled for release 2014.

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  1. Your site looks amazing! And G.M. Baker's books sound very interesting. I'll have to check them out!

    1. Thank you for your help today Sarah!!!! You were so sweet to help!!!!

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