Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fateful Night (What She Knew Trilogy) By Krhughes and Tlburns

FATEFUL NIGHT by Krhughes andTlburns is an awesome book about Marilyn Monroe that I believe will blow you away!!!! 

T.L. Burns and K. R. Hughes did a delightful job recounting the events surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s death in this captivating new book.

“Did Marilyn Monroe commit suicide? Did someone get away with an elaborate plot to murder the famous sex goddess? On that “Fateful Night” in August 1962 find out what may have happened to her and why she was killed. Many argue that she was involved in way too many secrets from different factions of the world. She was a smart woman who could play the dumb blonde to attain her stardom yet she unwittingly learned of conspiracy plots and political threats that would not only end her life but that of the current president, John F. Kennedy.

In this fast paced suspense every major player of the early sixties is involved, from the world politicians, to the Rat Pack, to Hollywood, and the mafia. What if Marilyn Monroe had lived and what if what she knew could have saved JFK? 
Fact or fiction? What if....”

My Review:

To start, I want to say, WOW!!!!! What an ending!!!!!

This was a very entertaining book. I really liked the idea of all these government secrets, illegal affairs, scandalous acts, and corruption all coming together in one story. It might be fiction but I am sure there is more reality in there than we will ever know!

"John stood watching his wife as she slept on the couch in their private chambers at the White House. She still looked pale and sickly after the ordeal of the birthday party, even though that was a month ago now. I've failed you, Jackie. I could've been more discreet and saved you the embarrassment. I'll try to do better."

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