Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lisa's day

I want to share a couple of great books with you by a wonderful person and talented writer. 
Since her name is Lisa Day we will call this Lisa’s day!!!!!
The Stepbrothers:
Childhood for Clint was wonderful until the day his mother remarried. His new stepbrother George was pure evil. The stepbrother’s only goal was to make sure Clint’s life was a living hell. It never occurred to him that Clint would grow up.
Clint Hawks never forgot the misery and pain he suffered at George’s hands, and his every thought focused on revenge.
Along comes Samantha Culpepper a sweet, young, innocent, bride to be. Inexperienced Samantha becomes the pawn in Clint’s game of revenge.
When the score is finally settled she’ll have enough experiences to last a life time. But, will she  still want one of the stepbrothers?
My Review:
Lisa Day's book The Stepbrothers is not what I would typically read but I was pleasantly surprised. I was interested in the characters from the start and felt like I was taken back in time. The writing was crisp and clear. I could almost see the landscaping. It was a nice diversion and the dialog was easy to follow. The main character Samantha made me laugh. I enjoyed her sense of humor. She reminded me of someone I know and love.

Wolfkeeper’s Woman 
Is a story about a woman who raised in an orphanage never was given choices about her own life, and when old enough to make choices Cassie was too afraid to.

After marrying and moving to a homestead in the wilds of Kentucky, her home is attacked by Indians. They kill her husband. They give her son Timothy to another woman, who has no children of her own, to raise. Continually, Cassie will struggle to regain control of her son.

The warrior Wolfkeeper now has the responsibly for her. He considers her an enemy. Another brave points out Cassie’s physical attributes to him. He becomes fraught with mixed emotions, and his desire for her grows. Being wise enough not to be rush into something he will regret. Wolfkeeper takes his time and sorts out his true intentions. He will eventually decide he wants a future with her, and he begins an effort to change her opinion of him. 
He has to stop the pain he has caused her. How does one undo the undo-able?
My Review:
Wolfkeeper’s Woman takes you to an entirely different era. A time period that I m not that familiar with but as I read the words from the page, I could see the images as if I were watching a movie. I felt emotionally involved from the beginning. This unimaginable tale seemed s true to life that I hurt for the main character Cassie all the way through. She was a woman who always had to learn to make the best of every situation. She just had to make do with what she was given.
This story moved me and disturbed me, at the same time. Still, I had to read on. I needed to know what would become of this innocent lost woman ho had nowhere to turn for help or comfort. 
Wolfkeeper’s Woman kept my interest all the way through.

“The knife blade in his right hand seemed to glow as the sunlight danced reflectively off it. Ever so slowly, he advanced toward her. He tried to maneuver her into the corner near the foot of the bed.
Knowing if she allowed him to succeed in cornering her there she would be trapped and t his mercy. She responded by swiftly running to the far side of the small table, which formed a barrier between the two of them, but only for a moment.”


  1. Thank you Brenda for the kind words and featuring me on your blog.