Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Being without my boyfriend is a Home Wrecker

I have spent the last five days being single. Yes, I have a boyfriend but he was been away skiing in Mammoth. I could have gone but I am really NOT a cold weather girl. Let’s just say, I am not all that sturdy. As it is, I freeze here in California when the temperature is barely below 70 degrees. I am a big baby and don’t like to suffer needlessly.

This week felt very different being alone even though I am not really alone. I am not used to it. With my husband he was away more than he was around. With my boyfriend, we are pretty much attached at the hip. Even if I am busy on the computer we are still together most of the time.

I almost felt like I did when I was young, before I was married or had any real adult-like responsibilities. I ate dinner after 10:00 pm, went to the mall for as long as I wanted to and talked on the phone with girlfriends at all hours of the day.

As nice as it was, it was even nicer to have my boyfriend back. We have a great life as a couple and I would rather spend my time with him rather than doing anything else. 

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