Saturday, January 12, 2013

Synopsis: The Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles

"When I left my husband, after fifteen some odd years for another man, my good principles went down the sewer in a matter of seconds. All it took was for me to set foot outside the gym with this man that I had only met just a few months earlier. It was then that my morals were tested and I failed that test with flying colors.”

Home Wrecker: The Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles is the second book in the Home Wrecker series. Part one, the main character, Brooklyn must learn many valuable lessons about herself, not without making many costly mistakes along the way. Now that she has found what she considered, her “soul-mate” in Bo, she would have to continue to defend herself against even her closest of friends, family members, and Bo’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Ruth.
Part two  is a first person account of Bo, the main character, Brooklyn’s boyfriend. In this story Bo narrates his interpretation of events that transpired throughout his life. 
Bo reminisces on his tough childhood growing up in Northern California. He reflects on his three failed marriages, recounts intimate details to an affair he had with a woman while he was still married and chronicles the seemingly endless struggles over his last divorce from a man’s perspective. This story is an honest yet at times gut wrenching account of one man’s life.

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