Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Punk Rock and the Home Wrecker

"I started going to night clubs in Hollywood when I was still just sixteen. It was the early eighties and I called myself a Punk Rocker." 

All of my friends were into the punk scene which for me meant dressing in alternative style clothing which I found at local thrift shops. I loved hanging out all hours of the night and discovering new music. It was so much about the music! I dyed my hair black and sometimes added florescent pink to the ends. When I think back to that time I am thankful for the great times that I experienced together with my friends. Being out and about in Hollywood I remember feeling so alive. My friends and I had so much to laugh about. Out on the streets we didn’t have to take life so seriously.

 I don’t think I have felt that happy-go-lucky since then. Being that young and free was just so liberating. It was the first time I had ever experienced any kind of independence. For my parents sixteen was not so sweet. I made it very difficult for them because I was requiring the autonomy of an adult yet I was still very clueless when it came to life. I would say things to my mom like, "But I am sixteen,” like I was so mature. I expected carte blanche even though I was just a silly young girl. I knew nothing of the real world but I expected to be treated as an adult. I didn't want any rules but at the same time I didn't want any obligations. Not everyone can say they had that kind of experience in their lifetime. For me it was life changing not a
Home Wrecker.

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