Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Planning a wedding can be a Home Wrecker

“Before we even started talking about a wedding, I swore I would not get obsessed. But once I was sitting in the midst of it all, I couldn’t help getting somewhat consumed with all the details.”

When I first considered getting married I didn’t plan on having flowers or a classic wedding dress. I was dead set on walking down the aisle in combat boots and maybe even a black dress! I had this whole vision and this vision did not include china patterns, dress fittings, harp players or wildly uncomfortable pointy heels. I never had traditional ideas about having a wedding.
At that time I was just turning 30 and had just started writing Home Wrecker. Since I was getting married I really thought it would be fun to write about what a sham the wedding business was. I was going to uncover the whole shady business.
I could have been described as the anti-wedding grinch. I found the whole wedding trade to be a crock. Yet, as soon as the engagement was official something changed in me. I guess you could say I got bit by the wedding bug. I could not pass the grocery check out line without examining all the Bridal magazines I saw. I became preoccupied with woman’s wedding rings and could not stop myself from grabbing stranger’s hands to examine their ring settings. I am sure this happens all the time but I really even surprised myself. I started to see the business of weddings a little differently. I got caught up in the details and I started wanting to look like the brides that graced the covers of bridal magazines.
Basically, I started buying into something that I was originally against. This didn’t take very long for this to happen. From the very first detail, which was picking the venue, I had a change of heart. All of a sudden I wanted something that I had never wanted before.
This surprised my soon to be husband. He was prepared for a simple off-beat party. What we had were harps, "here comes the bride" and a very generic ceremony. My alternative attitude started becoming very conservative.
Sometimes planning a wedding can be a real Home Wrecker. A wedding should be all about the love the two people share but often the details get in the way.
To all the brides out there, am I alone here or dId your ideals change during your wedding?

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