Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home Wrecker Dad

“Growing up with a parent with a temper as bad as my dad’s affected me in so many ways.”

While I was growing up I was raised to believe that my dad was the king of the castle. We had a very “old fashion” household where my mom stayed home with us kids and my dad worked. My mom cleaned the house, did all the chores, and had dinner on the table once my dad got home.
When my dad would yell which was often, the sound echoed down the block. My mom didn’t even seem to pay attention to his roars. As he yelled, she just continued what she was doing. Maybe she was used to that kind of behavior from her childhood. All I know is that I never got used to my dads temper. I never learned how to just brush it off. His screams always felt like a personal attack which made me feel bad about myself. For some reason I could never defend myself against my dad’s mean streak. It was my mom who stayed strong and knew how to comfort me. If anyone was a Home Wrecker in my house it was my dad.

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