Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home Wrecker came from innocence

When I first started writing my book “Home Wrecker” I never imagined the problems I would have to endure with editors, publishers, bloggers and most unfortunately friends and family.

When I started with my story I never thought it would ever catch the interest of a publisher. For me it was a kind of therapy and, at times, a great deal of fun when the words would fit well together.
This story was written over a span of a year while I was preparing to be married. I was going through so much mentally. Maybe you girls know what I am talking about? Getting married was not all it was cracked up to be. It was nothing like the movies. This planning resulted in self-doubt and, unfortunately, the fear that I could be making one of the biggest mistakes of my life.
Some fifteen or so years later I realized that I did indeed make a gigantic mistake by marrying the man that I did. I wanted out of my marriage and that is when I realized that I really did have a story to tell.
I sent my unfinished manuscript to a handful of publishers and to my great surprise I received an acceptance by email.
From that day on it has been a wild roller coaster ride but also a great education. If I felt like it I could sit on the computer all day working without taking a break. Social networking can be never ending.
During this time I have fought with editors, my publishers, media experts, authors, and sadly a couple of friends. I guess I had higher expectations.
When I was writing this story I never thought about marketing and publicity. I never saw myself as a Facebook kind of a person. I have learned how important social media is and along the way I have really enjoyed reuniting with some old friends. That has been the biggest surprise of all.

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