Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coffee Shop Home Wrecker

To all the writers out there: Do you remember the last time you wrote with ease and complete confidence? If it was today then you are in good shape.

Lately it has taken me so much effort to get words on the page or more accurately get words on the computer.
Years ago I used to write everyday and I never seemed to have the kind of writers block that I have now. When I think back to those early years (pre Home Wrecker days) I was able to write without a hesitation. I wrote about whatever was going on in my life. I was able to find comedy in the most mundane things and enjoyed making fun of myself and my friends.
When I think about that time I remember my daily routine was so much different than it is today. I used to make it a point to take advantage of my time and head to the nearby coffee shop to write. Once there I would be able to have a clear enough mind and an endless amount of coffee shop napkins to write my story of the day.
It was during a time when we did not have computers or cell phones. I had to write old school, pen to paper. Without all the latest technology there were less distractions so I could get right to work. I could let my ideas flow without interruption. Now, I have to push myself to do what at one time came so naturally.

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