Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Bully Can Be a Home Wrecker

“We pretty much stayed on our own turf. When we didn’t, we usually were called names and spat on.”

When I went from private school to public school I was no longer sheltered. Since I looked different with my punk rock attire I was not accepted by my piers. Kids were cruel and made it very difficult for me and my three friends Faith, Susie, and Desi. We were laughed at and frowned upon. We didn’t mind so much because we thought we were “enlightened.” We thought we were fighting a cause and this cause supported our individuality. It felt good not having to worry about what people thought. We were being expressive and open minded. That was a very freeing feeling. The Home Wrecker here are these bullies that gave us a hard time. Had these classmates been less judgmental and more open minded we wouldn’t have had to alienate ourselves as we did.

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